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Copper prices and economic benefits

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       Brass pieces of their own advantages and the economic benefits brought, can make up even more than the high prices of raw materials factors. In a variety of pipe fittings, brass parts of the performance price ratio is second to none.
Liquid in the copper pipe flow properties better than other pipes, small resistance, easy cause obstruction or poor water flow; under the same flow copper and than other pipe diameter small, thin tube wall, making water pressure is reduced to a minimum, so copper water system can not only use the small size of the thin-walled copper tube, save material, can also save a lot of energy.
To calculate a pen account: if only the first investment point of view, copper water system price advantage is not obvious. The installation of copper tubes and fittings in the housing is equivalent to a savings deposit. Because decades later, when the old house, and all other materials and equipment are useless, copper pipe fittings can still according to need, it is convenient to disassembly and reassembly using is selling pipe can obtain higher returns.