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High efficiency heat exchanger has strong cleaning ability

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 Efficient heat tube fouling, corrosion, congestion has become a problem difficult to solve, especially in poor condition of water quality, water treatment is ineffective, the gas medium containing impurities or chemical reaction to generate the node scale case, this problem is particularly prominent. In mild cases, heat exchange tube function decline, deterioration of conditions, resistance increases, increasing energy consumption, severe high efficient heat pipe blocked cannot run. Therefore, heat transfer tube maintenance, cleaning or update workload increases.
High efficiency heat exchanger due to the use of the stainless steel material itself is more resistant to corrosion, and special waveform corrugated tube, turbulent medium scouring the inner and outer surface of heat exchange tube, dirt is difficult to accumulate in the surface, even scaling, because corrugated tube is a flexible element, by the function of temperature difference in the work process, the corrugated tube curvature of each part of the constantly changing, although the curvature changes caused by the deformation is not large, but dirt and metal bellows expansion coefficients vary greatly, so the dirt and corrugated tube between the surface will produce a relatively large pulling force, to achieve scale fall automatic cleaning, automatic cleaning, especially it is a tube and other high efficiency heat exchanger can be compared.
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