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"Internet plus" copper power electronic commerce development

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Recently, the "Internet plus", "Internet banking" and "electronic commerce" has become the focus of public debate. Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report for the first time "Internet plus" action plan to enhance national strategy. Through the "Internet plus" strategy, give full play to the Internet in the optimal allocation of production factors in the role of innovation and integration, the depth of the integration of the Internet in various fields of economic society, enhance the real economy, innovation and productivity, and the development of new industry, to create a new industrial growth point, providing support for the information industry. Promote economic quality and efficiency upgrades.
In recent years, the traditional copper industry by the downward economic impact, the development speed is slow, the market in the industry grim situation, put forward guided by national "Internet plus" strategy, the traditional non-ferrous metal industry, especially copper enterprises upgrading by grafting Internet, industry can effectively reduce intermediate links, to make information more transparent, helps to reduce operating costs, improve efficiency in the use of funds. Therefore, the internet tool will play a leading role in the future development of the entire non-ferrous metals industry, and bring hundreds of billions of market space. And have the brand and channel advantages of the copper line mature enterprises, to the Internet business model transformation will have more advantages.
At the beginning of the year, Zijin Mining Group and Bohai commodity exchange, a joint venture of "Bo's purple copper industry business platform formally launched, and launched" copper cathode (purple) "variety is the use of Internet brings the advantages of resources, to inject new vitality into the copper industry.
As China's largest electronic commodity trading platform, Bohai commodity exchange through the unique best transaction mechanism and convenient online trading means, Zijin Mining and the copper industry operators and consumers direct docking, eliminating the need for a large number of intermediate links, the formation of a faithful reflection of market demand for copper spot electronic trading platform. And Zijin Mining as the country's second largest cathode copper supplier can provide a sufficient cash guarantee of cathode copper (purple) futures contracts, fully meet online traders in the physical delivery of the demand, ensure varieties activity, can help the market, enterprises can reduce the synergies.
"Cathode copper (purple)" as the first product in Zijin Mining of electronic business platform operation, on-line for more than two months since made remarkable achievements, at present, the average daily turnover of 45000 hand over, physical settlement spot volume steadily, the line has nearly three months has accumulated more than 3000 tons, more than 50 copper enterprises signed business platform and procurement to the low quality of cathode copper raw material. A new platform has been able to achieve such outstanding results, it is thanks to the Internet electricity suppliers and mining companies are closely related to the innovation industry model.
To help the majority of copper enterprises to better participate in the efficient business platform, Boshang Zijin heavy launched the first phase of plans to boost development of "million Internet plus copper industry", the incentives and subsidies for new signings and copper enterprises to participate in the settlement of trading platform. Not only so, do a good job in the copper cathode product operations at the same time, the company plans to in 2015 under six months to start of copper concentrate and copper rod (copper) and standardized about and study of process of collection. The copper concentrate for example, commodities worldwide are not standardized contract of copper concentrate, which belongs to the blank market. Industry experts believe that the future Bo's purple if it can combine with the Xiamen free trade area of the new deal, bigger and cathode copper online trade, launched online refined copper, copper rod (copper) and standardized about and the formation of trading volume, then to China master copper industry global pricing, to promote the sound operation of copper industry chain, enhance the influence of platform of business of cable of copper industry etc., will be an indelible mark.